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The Darkest Night The greatest weight.-- What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: "This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence - even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!" Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus?... Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal? 

What if there were more? What is some creature, bound to truths they loath, but found need to share, came laughing tears of horror, and consumed that demon in a single gulp... Thus, NOW is your loneliest loneliness, for that demon knew nothing of affirmation. Return if you must, but return to pleasure and perfect joy, return to endings and all you have invested yourself within, return to forgot, forlorn, forever... circle and circle, imagination your last companion until... at the very last, giggling... alone... eternal... you twist and turn and travel, without ever knowing motion, sight or sound... Would you now thank that beast, embrace him with a resounding 'YES', clutching him to your bosom as you might your long lost twin, or would you flee... screaming and demanding: "I must consult my priest, for all things are fair, and this cannot be!", or "Where lies my advisor; I must alter the shape of things to prevent what is to come?", or even "I must balance my sin, my hate, my selfishness - find me some beggar to raise as my mirror!", and finally... with a sigh, a tear, and hysterical laugh, "bring me my bottle, my fireworks and partner, for I may hope no more..." 

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