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It's the little things...

You know when you're wandering around, minding your own business (like that ever happens), and, so long as you're not too numb to still take note of some of the details belonging to your environment, you just pick up on a quirk, here and there...

They're all around... most probably don't even register, they exist so close to normality (whatever that is...), we pass them by without a flicker of recognition.

Some you note, but are too busy or lack the means to record for prosperity, but now and then you have the will, capability, and awareness to take home, and if you have a blog... to post...

We shall start with this... a slight design flaw, easy enough to make; It could have happened to any of us (well, make up your own mind as to that...).

This next is a personal favourite... I've seen it, or rather one of its multitude close cousins, in many countries on countless shelves... proof indeed that 2 + 3 not necessarily = 5...

This last one, for the time being, is a special guest from the Philippines, although I'm reliably informed it's pretty standard in many places, so perhaps you have to come from a country that rarely sees a weapon, let alone treats them so nonchalantly...

That's about that for today... I continue work on a new book, and stay tuned to the other pages on the site. As the site improves the most recent articles will have a page of their own... TTFN

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