I shan’t spend a great deal of time on this first post… ‘time’, something we shall come back to (in the first of many asides – we shall be having a little look at using the planet’s rotations around the sun as an indicator of age, rather than such possibilities as how many hours you spend awake every day, the routines you have at home or at work, the amount of time you spend dreaming, the interactions you have with varied and not-so people, etc…)… but for the moment I’d like to welcome anyone bored or fortunate enough to discover this new site and hope you revisit for further installments of what shall/should be an interesting (and I mean that with no positive connotations), exploration of… [perhaps] community…

Hearts and Hats


Page Introductions


As the site has grown larger I’ve been, in the most annoying bureaucratic way, forced to further compartmentalise. Therefore, to give the reader (if readers there may be), some, very vague, idea of what each division of this work is about, I have decided to use this space to explain (in an extremely general, inconclusive and inaccurate way), something about said divisions…


Hearts and Hats


This one is fairly self-explanatory, so I shan’t dwell (if you’ve missed the metaphors then shame on you), but here you shall find blogs (whatever a blog actually is), related to things I see or do in everyday life, which I find of particular interest (usually along the lines of “Oh, if I didn’t laugh I’d end up insane – although a strong case can be made for: if you laugh at this you must be insane).

Daily[ish] Waffle

Daily[ish] Waffle


Here we have something closely related to the blog section, although it may well contain elements from Nowhere. It isn’t necessary to read the articles in order (and this is the only section which will actually be dated), but to stay… contextually accurate, it would certainly help…



This is (to date – a date I shall not share; now you have to wonder why…), the most difficult division to explain, even in a perfunctory manner, but suffice to say (and it doesn’t suffice, at all), this is where the meaningful metaphors become intended instruction, or rather… something semi-lucid from my own psyche, trying to understand itself through an exploration of its own ways and means, and in the light of death of the author, perhaps a place that might shed a little light on your own…

Ye, Olden Days


Here we have something like an archive. Many of the articles printed, or yet to be printed, here (as at the time of writing this I’ve only found the time to attach one…), are from earlier writings, before the decision to actually publish some of this material (the ball is in your court to decide whether it’s the rantings of a maniac, the crystal chimes of genius, or something incredibly banal, somewhere in between – and that decision may well, rightfully, change with each day and reading).

to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Snippets, and more, taken from observation and exploration... a series stretching from several years ago to the present day... don't get lost, and forgive moments when insight turns to insanity...

In the, rather dim, light of such, I hope you enjoy, are educated, or at least feel your time hasn’t been fruitlessly exploited when you might have been doing something equally useless, but far more fun…

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